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The one that much sandal, little tightens

They exist multitude of platforms that offer solutions so that you can sell online but these prefabricated groups load each project of multitude of characteristics and options that really never you are going to use. This not only supposes a speed of load remarkably inferior but the management of your business online can get to become a great challenge. Simple tasks as adding a product, verifying their stock, to generate an invoice, etc€¦ that you realise of a continued form must be intuitive and fast

It takes the control of your e-commerce

We thought that each business is different and has its own needs. For that reason we developed customized stores completely online, with the code written from zero and adapted to each case in particular. We only programmed what you need and we do it of the most creative form and elegant than you can find.

ERP to size for companies

1 of each 5 companies realises an investment in to size implementing a ERP in its business instead of paying a license by a commercial ERP. The main advantage of for the SMEs in the ERP of customized development is not to have to pay to licenses to no manufacturer and the flexibility that it has to be able to develop or to modify any type of function within the own product, a product that will adjust directly to which it is needed.

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