Design and Development Web

Websites of high creative impact

Our specialty is to create a design Web of quality with a high level of completely unique impact and. We focus each element to attract the attention of the visitors.

We create one structures comfortable and friendly so that the visitors know their operation based on the standards design Web and we inserted elements that mark difference but without overloading the content.

Our main center concentrates in the user, offering a unique experience through all the devices.

Structure bases for a Web with style

  • Head Superior

    All webpage needs a menu lateral superior or, always visible, that allows the access to the most important sections of the portal. The design of this head will be structured of the following form:

    Head: where it will appear the logo of the corporative image. This section will be permanent during all the navigation Web.

    Main menu: menu of access to all the categories selected of the portal (That we are, Services, Treatments, Contact, etc€¦).

  • Main Banner

    The first impression is the one that counts, for that reason the Webs must have an impressive cover where to obtain that the users remain in your site and in addition you transmit, of a fast form, with symbolic images the type on watch who you offer or the product that you sell.

    In order to obtain it, banner elegant with slideshow it can be your better weapon.

  • Exclusive design

    Internet is full of Webs with designs of groups that cause that most seems equal. Our equipment completely marks to the difference creating a customized design with your image name brand.

  • SEO Friendly

    We by hand develop all the code without prefabricated platforms that slow down the load and fill your Web of useless code. This allows us to carry out a clean work that follows all the directives of the main finders. In addition you will be able to directly manage the SEO On-page from the administration panel

  • Calls to the action

    The cover must of being a summary that allows the visitors to accede, of a graphical form, to the main contents of your Web. For that we created direct access €œCall to Action€ that they attract the glance of the users.

  • Dynamic

    All the content of the Web is completely manageable from our Control Panel. This CMS created exclusively for your project is the one that differentiates from the competition by its simplicity of use and its small learning curve to us.

  • Footer

    In the footer they are, mainly the sections of legal character as the Legal Warning or the Policy of cookies, but in addition usually one even puts contact information or corporative information

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