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Apps for iOS and Android

The mobiles have grown much in just a short time, this growth has increased to the interaction of the users with the new technologies, offering new opportunities of business and great possibilities of expansion.

Our equipment creates experiences absorbed in applications with a modern design and the functionalities that are happened to you. If you have an idea, create it before another one invents it. It now begins to develop apps for iOS and Android with us.

Development of native applications

Native applications

The native applications are those that are developed with the programming language offered by each company. In the case of iOS it is Swift and in Android it is Java. To the being developed exclusively with his software, it allows the programmers to accede to all the functionalities that each device offers.

The advantage of this type of applications is that they assure the robustness the system and its speed of interaction. To part of the possibility of access to the power of the device if it is wanted to develop a more graphical project (Games, Elements 3D, etc€¦).

Logically, when exclusively developed being for each platform, they allow the access to all the characteristics that the device offers, such as GPS, Camera, Push Notifications, etc€¦

Hybrid applications

This is the option more demanded by the clients since with the cost of developing an application for a single UNDER a project is realised cross-platform with the possibility of compiling it in all the types of device (For example: iOS and Android).

In order to develop them, we used Ionic, framework more powerful than it exists at present reason why the level of integration with UNDER is like you will not be able to find the difference, as much in design as in speed.

In the same way it allows the access to the native capacities of the system (GPS, Gyroscope, Push Notifications, Camera, etc. ) what gives the possibility of including a great percentage of needs in the development.

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