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Investigation and development/Coworking.
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A nexus of union of ideas and enterprise projects based on disruptive technologies that vocation has to have global repercussion. CONNECTION, EXPERIENCE AND INSPIRATION.

Innereye XR is surroundings of collaboration based on the mutual respect and the inclusive principles.

In Innereye they create in the power of a diverse community and work actively to be truly a unit. And it has been created to serve to his members.

The client

With this project we have known Octavio Su¡rez, a great professional enamored with the technology and the Canary Islands with one long trajectory of successful projects and businesses with a de futuro different vision.

Attractive of a project of as much ambition and embergadura as well as its thematic one it inspired to carry out a challenge to us in design and usability that knew to transmit the essence of the project.

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