Social network of the platform iOS

Development iOS

A different, funny and youthful network social developed for the ecosystem iOS with the programming language Swift.


Twaif vps hosting company was born from the idea of some young canaries at about the middle of 2015. After an initial presentation we realized that they did not know clearly how they wanted to reflect its ideas in an application.

A time later, they had structured very well the application and they presented a project to us well-defined.

The main premise of this social network is that an image is worth more than thousand words, reason why all the social network is structured around the images.

There are several types of images available, between which we emphasized:

  • Photo Puzzle: The usuary one removes half from a photo and this one is completed by the rest of users
  • Photo Comic: It offers the possibility of realising collages of photos of fast and simple form
  • Enigma photo: Is present in the chat deprived between users and it is an image hides that there is to discover €œpainting€ with the finger


Our equipment of programming, led by Raºl L³pez (Coordinating of development of Apps) was a great and customized project tremendously. This high personalisation and the native benefits that it required supposed the election of iOS as the final operating system.

On the other hand, the election of the system of backend was very important. Initially we decided on the Parse platform, but it announced its closing shortly after home, reason why finally we developed our own API REST.

Six months of development best cheap dedicated server and 4 months of tests have concluded in a fresh, young and funny network social.

The satisfaction of the clients with the given product and the amount of new ideas to develop promises continuity as developer of the social network facing the future.

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