How to make a Brainstorming

How to make a Brainstorming

Here I bring one to you of my favorite methods to make a Brainstorming, fundamental requirement in the initiation of your idea of business.

I have worked during the past few years with many entrepreneurs who want to send their Web or app after seeing a necessity in the market. Many think that the investigation finishes in finding that problem, but is not thus. My years of experience have made clear a thing to me, does not matter what necessity you identify, but how it is going to replace your product or service this necessity. To take itself in serious this part in your adventure to undertake, will mark to the difference between the success and the failure.

The Brainstorming or rain of ideas is a process that facilitates the sprouting of new ideas to solve a certain problem. One is a technique that is executed in group to generate original ideas of business.

Many methodologies exist to realise rain of ideas. Next I will show one that really I like much. For a simple reason, although it is a work in equipment, the creation process at first is generated of individual form, which help to that there are not slants or blockades by the first idea sent to the table.

Here the passages for the accomplishment of the rain of ideas with the Crawford Slip method go.


To have a necessity

As I mentioned previously, we must begin by the identification of a necessity. Although it sounds obvious, it is necessary to have a situation or a problem to which to develop that idea to him.

It reunites to the equipment with which you are going to work

It would have to be a variable equipment, can be people who are outside the project or your company. It involves different types from people, sorts and ages, with the purpose of developing ideas of all type.

It buys Post

Once you have to your reunited equipment, you are only going to need famous the post-it, a pencil, stickers and a rubber€¦ No, the ideas do not erase.

Generation of ideas

Once distributed to the material mentioned and previously well-known the situation to the problematic one on which it is going away to work, limit for the generation of ideas is due to define a time. They can be around ten, fifteen or twenty minutes.

Once the chronometer begins, all the people will begin to write an idea by each post-it, does not matter if your idea seems stupid or ridiculous, nor you think what they will say to the others when listening your idea. All the ideas can be a great starting point to solve that we are looking for.

It picks up the generated ideas

Once finished the time, the leader of the project will gather all the post-it with the generated ideas, he will locate them in a visible place as a board or a wall and will explain those that are not clear.

To group the similar ideas

Those ideas are due to group all that seem equal or similar, or that has some factor common.

Voting of the ideas

The stickers previously mentioned give them to each one of the members of the equipment, these will represent points or votes. You can give between three or four points. Next, each member will rise of its chair and will vote by the ideas that seem more attractive to him. If there is some idea that you like much you can put two or three points to him to the same idea.

Once the same have voted, it will work with the ideas that have obtained the greater amount of points. It does not mean that this process it already leaves the idea totally developed, but is a starting point for that concept that you need to develop.


That is everything, I invite to you to that you try this method of Brainstorming. And if you have some doubt you can contact with me, it will be a pleasure to advise themselves and to help you to make reality your project.


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