The importance of the clients in Desarrollo Freelance Web

The importance of the clients in Desarrollo Freelance Web

Good a freelance one in addition to being a great professional who serves best possible, also has to be able to detect the needs of the clients and to adapt its products and services to them. This is the best prescription to create relations stable and lasting, necessary to have an increasing and sustainable business.

The keys to deal with your clients if you are designer Freelance Web.

The detailed study of each project allows us to establish which is the primary objective of the client and what it looks for with our collaboration, so that we can offer a customized service to him to his needs and I interest.

Sometimes clients not know all the characteristics products or services that we offer or they come with a pre-established idea envelope which they look for, but do not know the existence other more efficient alternative ways for the attainment of its objectives. Our task in this case is to advise to them and to guide to them towards the best option. In all this communication process is vital a treatment cercacno obtaining that the information throughout flows of clear and uninterrupted form the process, which allows us to make agile the accomplishment of the project and to avoid possible errors by a bad interpretation of desires and interests of the client.

The clients are an essential component in the creative industrialist. To have a lifted number of important clients that they grow and they see fulfill its objectives thanks to our collaboration, is signal that our services are of quality. We must think that if the objectives of the client are fulfilled, also we are fulfilling ours.

2. Profiles of client

Not always it is easy to maintain a near treatment, since they exist multitude of profiles and arises the necessity to adapt our service to each from them. It is possible that a potential client has identified his needs, although not always is thus, so that we must define its objectives and requirements altogether. 

Generally we have to start off of the preconceived idea that they do not know how they can lean in our services, and of how these can be comparable to their niche of market. Our task, in addition to technique, must be pedagogical, granting the knowledge for the correct valuation of the offered product. For this reason, we must offer a customized and unique service to him where they feel comfortable working with us. 

Many types of clients exist, which returns more complex the methodology to follow to deal with each from them. In I develop freelance Web we will be with multitude of profiles, but next we named most common, his well-known characteristics but and some tips to deal with them:

  • The uncertain ones: they are adverse people to the risk and they feel uncertain before the possibility that ahead the project does not leave or does not fulfill the established objectives. They transmit his insecurity trusting your methodology or service and do not lie down to on controlling the phases of the project. This profile is very habitual in creative works and innovating projects. The key to deal with this type of profile is to transmit security and authority in the carried out actions and to diminish the perception of risk by means of a clear and constant communication throughout all the phases of the project, thus we were able to foment the confidence. 
  • The invader of schedules: They wish that you are available to take care of it at any moment. Although the work of a good one for freelancer is to offer the best adapted service to the needs of the client and is recommendable to be available for emergency, this type of client does not distinguish between emergency and habitual work. Sometimes, although we would want to take care of we do not have them required time since possibly we are taking care of other necessities of importance. The best form to deal with these clients is to specify the limits from the home and to specify what is an emergency and that no.
  • The liabilities: They do not worry about the state of the project. They let pass the time and the projects usually are executed with slowness. We must motivate involving them more them in the project and showing good results.
  • The well-educated one: Usually they are considered expert in your scope of work, although they do not have knowledge nor experience try to direct the completion of your work. If we let ourselves take by its indications, we run the risk of committing errors and of serving worse. Not to finish in this situation we must use time to guide them in the election of the best alternative and to demonstrate to them that we are professional and we have experience.
  • The distant clients: He costs to them to reveal useful information to us that he would make agile the work to us and he would avoid arduous tasks of investigation. These he makes difficult the task of helping them to us to really secure to his objectives and knowledge what they need. The customized communication for this type of profile is vital, since we needed to transmit the importance of having more information to secure better results.
  • Inconformistas clients: Usually they demand that the projects are realised in a period of smaller time of the established one, never declare to be absolutely satisfied with the project or offered service, although the results are of most favorable. Not to force tense situations with this type of clients, we must clearly communicate and establish the times of delivery.

When we do not find before a complicated profile, we must have much tact and act as a plan of action that we can summarize in the following steps:        

  1. To discover the reasons that do the one that the client behaves or reacts of a certain way.  
  2. To identify the actions that we can take to end to confront the situation of the possible most professional form, to continue offering our service.
  3. Execution of combat operations.

We must put on approval our more human side and give the best thing of us in each client.


3.Relaciones based on the confidence with the client

We have to have present that the work of a freelance one is not precise, the ideal is that it is a long term relation, cradle in strengthening confidence bows. Hill more resources and efforts to be able new clients that to maintain the already existing ones. For that reason we must consider the benefits contributed by the most faithful clients.

 The long term relations grant a quality seal to us that allows to increase to our prestige and network us of contacts, which helps us to position us in the market. There is nothing no better than a thanked for and trustworthy client with whom you can grow in unison. It is the greater satisfaction of a freelance one, to see as the result of its work and one narrows collaboration create success projects.

4. Empathy with our clients

The development of the empathy with our clients is fundamental. We must put us in his place to understand his needs, doubts and preoccupations, which will allow us to solve them of clear and concise form. A nearer relation is translated in greater quality of work and lasting relations where we can serve our continuously.

Habitually clients arrive to us whose model of business and plan of execution is erroneous. He is vitally important to be sincere and to offer to the client constructive critics that allow to realize their failure him and the challenges that he must confront. Once the client recognizes his impediments and failures to correct, we must pass on to him that we are indeed for that, to help him and to occupy to us of his problems turning them into ours.

5. Conclusions of a Designer Freelance Web

We conclude that to deal with our clients and to maintain relations of solid and stable businesses in the long term, it is necessary to create bonds of confidence based on the accomplishment of a good service and the reciprocal communication. To understand the specific needs of each client and to adapt our services to the attainment of its objectives are vital. We have to adapt our form of work to the type of client so that one feels comfortable working with us.

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