Raiola sends and not to the bulging Contest SEO

Raiola sends and not to the bulging Contest SEO

The past month of June was a great month for the expert developers Web in positioning SEO: The Raiola contest began sends and not the panda, a new concept to discover new methods to position itself in Google.

The idea was born from the contest was based on positioning a webpage in the first position before a concrete date. The prize was 5000‚¬ for the first position (although the important thing was the obtained reputation), and for the put second Free flattered with a SEObox and a complete year of RankBOX Advanced.

Here in the Canary Islands, only one of those participants demonstrated its quality as SEO: ADSEOWeb, of my partner Orlando Santana, with a little help of our Developers Web, stayed within top 5 during almost all the contest. Hispanic SEO speaking in a contest is not nothing bad to be between the 5 better in which they appeared more than 20,000 people no.

Raiola Networks and the contest more important SEO to date.

Raiola Networks the Spanish company of lodging Web, has made an impression to all sponsoring the popular contest SEO, organized by the famous experts in positioning Dean Romero and David Ayala.

For that they do not know it Raiola is a located company in Lugo, founded the 2014 that serves many between which they are: 

  • Domains
  • General Hosting for SSD, SSD Avanzado and specific Reseller SSD or for WordPress, Prestashop and Joomla
  • Servers VPS
  • Dedicated servers
  • Services for WordPress
  • Administration of Servers
  • Certificates SSL

Between main the differentiating characteristics that have caused that Raiola is positioned as one of the companies leaders in Spain in the benefit of services of hosting and servers is:

1. Account with a great variety of plans, to provide a service adapted to the needs of any type of project.

2. It always has servers available.

3. In servers VPS the power will be able to be formed that is needed and will exist the possibility of modifying the servant and of forming it of customized form. If you wish it, they also can be administered by Raiola. 

4. Raiola offers plans of quality to the best price.

5. Account with a technical service in Spanish who will help in everything what you need to make agile the resolution of the problems that you can have with the servant and counts on a telephone support the 24 hours.

6. Ease of use with settled CMS.

7.Garantiza security before any type of attacks as much virus or malware as any other type of hackeo.

8. It has good ratios of speed

9. When contracts an annual plan of hosting you relive the domain free.

10. Ease of use.


If you look for a company to lodge your Web server or you are not happy with the present one, Raiola as one of your better options considers. 

The contest patrocipado by Raiola most important is realised until now, where the winner secured the prize of 5.000‚¬. 

The contest consists of positioning its blog or Web with the keyword €œraiola commands and not the panda€ and day 24 of June to 12 of noon, the offerer who was in the first position was the winner. The requirement to participate era to be the proprietor of the Web that is going away to position and to have a mail of contact with the organizers the event. 

From the name of the Spanish company of hosting part of the word has removed to position €œraiola commands and the bulging panda€ and does not come from the algorithm of Google that values the quality of the text and the value that general to the user. The interpretation of the keyword, is that the algorithm of bulging is lost force in favor of the time of load and other factors that affect to the user experience, as the adapted designs to movable devices. 

It was a perfect occasion to learn of the strategies of the best experts SEOs of the country, that without hard maintained to us on tenterhooks until the last minutes. 

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