Artificial turf in the sport, because it is better

Artificial turf in the sport, because it is better

 To day of today, the artificial turf is a reality in the majority of the football grounds. As of year 2001, date in which FIFA and the UEFA sent their program to him of quality, more and more stages implant this type of turf and leave to a side side to the natural turf. The freshness and the beauty of both are not the same, but the artificial turf has numerous advantages that turn it into an ideal option in the world of the sport. Here we explained to you why the artificial turf is better:
 It does not require as much maintenance as the natural turf and one stays in some ideal conditions to be used every day of the year and for any type of event or deports.

He is ecological and 100% recyclable one. This type of turf does not need to be watered, reason why he saves until a 98% of water consumption with respect to the natural turf. In addition, it does not need to be harvested nor it requires either of chemical agents (as insecticides or fungicides). On the other hand, it does not need the use would scheme (to cut it, for example) that generates C02 to the atmosphere.
It does not matter if it rains, if it snows, if the climate is dry€¦ Here there are no pools, neither ice, nor form mud, neither they are precise to cancel the parties or the training. However, the natural turf is spent to the use and in unfavorable atmospheric conditions it needs a minimum time of recovery.
All the year stays green. In fact, it is not possible to be appreciated that it is not a natural turf, neither at sight nor to the tact.
He is hygienic, antiallergic and very resistant. Their fibers are so smooth that they seem natural grass.
He is lasting. Following the manufacturer, a turf of this type can last between 8 and 10 years. Luckily, they even count on special protection against rays UV of the sun.
It saves space. An artificial field has the same capacity that a total of three fields of natural turf, reason why with first saves one third part of total.

It is possible to be placed in any type of surface, as much in hard ground as in soft ground, and it does not need sunlight to stay. Nothing similar! For that reason also it is an ideal option for the shadow areas or those parts where the natural turf would not grow.
 , If we compared both types of turf, the option to really implement one artificial one with respect to one natural one is never made clearer that. The advantages that contribute first this with respect to the natural turf are so many that cannot be ignored. In addition, the program of the FIFA and the UEFA count on demanding measures so that the artificial fields fulfill the necessary quality levels. Everything is under control, and every time they are more and plus the clubs that decide to disburse a certain amount of money to enjoy all the advantages of the artificial fields.

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