Customized development Versus. development in Wordpress

Customized development Versus. development in Wordpress

After many years in the development Web I set out the pros and cons to you of each option.

Development customized Web or development in Wordpress? This he is typical the interrogatory one that we considered when we are going to start up our webpage, a very logical doubt at the time of home a new project. To choose the starting point of your Web is very important, is as having some good foundations in the construction of a house, something essential so that the rest of the construction is robust and lasting.

Considering this last shade, the importance of choosing the starting point well, considers the following question to us To decide on a customized development that adjusts to the characteristics of my project or to choose a group of Wordpress and to adapt me to her? In the first place it is necessary to know clearly the characteristics of our project and knowledge that requisite is going to need the Web. We do not have either to forget to us the evolution of the project, since perhaps at some future date your Web grows and you need to incorporate new functions. Of there the importance of having some good foundations in your page, so that it can support everything what one comes to him above, that is to say, that is burglaryable and easy to program before new challenges.

Many developers have different opinions on if he is better to use wordpress or to decide on a development customized Web, but the certain thing that no option is but correct that another one. Everything depends on the characteristics of your project. If your developer owns certain ethics will advise on what it is the best solution for your project and not the one to you that is but succulent monetarily for him.

That moment of indecision is frustrating in which you are full of energy and motivation to begin your project and you do not know so that option to pour off itself. In order to do it simple I am going to you to set out the pros and the cons of each option with the only objective from which you can make a decision but easily and are successful in your project.

Development customized Web


It would be possible to be shelp that the development Web is as an art. Each new project is a white linen cloth where to be able to create exactly what the client needs through agile methodologies, with a clean and optimized code. In addition total control must on each pixel, having allowed design from the imagination almost any thing, your you put limits.


  • Solutions based on your objectives can be developed.
  • The Web will be designed so that the web search engines index it quickly €¨ and is locatable right away.
  • A System of Management of Contenidos can be implemented (CMS) so that you can easily manage it from any device.
  • The code and the programming are private, causing that your website is less vulnerable to the hackers.
  • Very important, at the time of developing to the website the code 100% oriented to the SEO are, consequently you have majors probabilities of positioning your Web in the web search engines.
  • With a customized development, your brand is more exclusive and you can consider the design responsive from the first moment.
  • Your website can on a par grow with your business/brand and a developer Web will contribute the best solution to you.


  • The customized development of a website requires an investment a little higher.
  • To create a website from zero requires more time of development.

Development in Wordpress

Wordpress, is the system of management of contents par excellence. It is the CMS but popular in the network and in the last years it has had an exponential growth. It is Open Source and exist infinity of plugins that you can incorporate to your Web. If you need a simple Web that serves as visual escaparata for your company, where there is little interaction with the user, wordpress is the solution. A developed good webpage in Wordpress could be the page of this Agency of Publicity in Las Palmas, the Stairs of Fumio. Quite low account in time of load to be a Wordpress and is very minimalist.


  • Very easy to manipulate at usuary level.
  • The time of development Web falls considerably due to the use of groups.
  • Wordpress has an ample variety of designs in groups. Some are gratuitous and others of payment.
  • It has infinity of plugins that will help to remove major you divided for the website.
  • The cost is minor who a customized Web.
  • You can share doubts and experiences in the community of users.


  • Smaller personalisation when using the groups of Wordpress
  • Some groups are not responsive
  • The code is difficult to manipulate
  • There are personalisations of groups that they require to program on wordpress and could be expensive.
  • To add plugins in a development in wordpress creates processes and codes that slow down the CMS.

In conclusion, considering all these aspects, you will be able to decide if to decide on a development customized Web or a development in wordpress. It is clear that it is the fundamental to consider the needs of your project, as the degree of personalisation, the initial budget and future evolution of the portal Web. Once you know clearly all these points and with the advising of a developer you will be able to choose the advisable solution but.


For a company/it marks the website is as the showcase of a store, the main entrance of his office and the area where it takes care of the clients. Like in the real world, the website offers the possibility that they know your product or service. The recommendations that we will give you next will help to that the design of your website has the minimum requirements so that works and fulfills the objectives that you consider:

  •  That the time of load is fast.
  •  At sight nice minimalist presentation. Less it is more.
  •  Easy to use and to sail.
  •  To assure the compatibility with the main navigators.
  •  That the content is clear, concise and direct. To write in a website is not just like to write for traditional mass media. It takes care of the spelling and it sees direct the grain.
  •  That he is friendly with the motors of searches. Here the SEO influences much.
  •  Contact and feedback. It is very important to have a section in which they can even contact to you through your website in which they can leave opinions you and suggestions on products or service are an extra. And if you include forms as strategy to receive valuable information of your users far better.


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