Interview of creative strategists

Interview of creative strategists

Some ago weeks I participated in an interview for this Argentine portal. I hope that you like.

Some ago weeks Diego Gonz¡lez put itself in touch with me, administrator of the portal of designers, to summon to me to realise an interview for its Web. In this portal they try to guide designers and to help them so that they learn to live on this work and to do it, at least, profitable.

My knowledge was a great pride that from this Argentine portal the forms liked with which I take my business and my style of design reason why I did not doubt in accepting his request. Days later we realised the interview and the truth that I do not have more to be thankful for the good words of my companion Diego and the good short while that made me happen in this interview.

Next I leave the cut you at issue and I invite to them to happen through its Web, mainly if you are profession companions.

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