Experiment SEO - Diet of oats

Experiment SEO - Diet of oats

Lately I am putting much in the world of the SEO, Investigating by several sites, learning new techniques of automatization, SEO On-page, SERP, etc€¦

After soaking to me of these new methods I have decided to test some SEO, among them this that I show to you next.

First that I did it went to go me to our great seeking friend to try to find a microniche that had an acceptable level of searches and it did not find too much competition. For that helps of the tools of the finder and some footprints me (that I learned to use in this fantastic blog of Chuiso).

I did not become very crazy either but I gave with a term of some 50000 monthly searches and that seemed exploded little. The niche at issue is the diet of oats. Since a long time ago I was making diet and I like these cochairs I threw myself to realise a Web with the basic contents and a good domain to see that so she is positioned in google.

The Web is very simple, only has general information on the diet, benefits that this contributes and how to take it to end.

As usual, I have realised the Web by hand, without helping me of prefabricated platforms (what it will be a factor differentiator in the positioning).

Still I have left much work to realise, linkbuilding mainly but I will be to you telling that so this small experiment considers.

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