Portal of Tourism of Santa Mar­a de Gu­a

Portal of Tourism of Santa Mar­a de Gu­a

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New project published in collaboration with the company Recursos and Habilidades. The portal of tourism of Santa Mar­a de Gu­a. It has been a beautiful work since we counted on a great collaboration with the personnel in charge of the council of Tourism of the municipality. Thanks equipment.

If you wish to see that so it has been the project enters www.descubreguia.com. Next I stick the note to you of press of its presentation:

The House of the Culture welcomed this Friday the presentation of the new portal of Tourism of the municipality of cultural and commercial Santa Mar­a de Gu­a www.descubreguia.com with whom the City council wants to promote and to invigorate its tourist supply, through the new technologies. They were present in the act the mayor, Pedro Rodr­guez, vicepresidene first of the Town hall of Gran Canaria and advisor of Industry and Commerce, Juan Dom­nguez, and the representative of the Recursos company & Habilidades, ordered of the design of the Web, Jos© Ram³n Moreno. They also attended representing of the social and cultural groups and businessmen of the sector of the hotel trade and restoration of the municipality. 


As guiense explained the first edile, this portal has been supposing a continuity to the work initiated for three years in collaboration with the Council of Industry and Commerce of the Town hall of Gran Canaria to harness and to invigorate the tourist sector of this municipality. In such Rodriguez sense it emphasized some of the carried out most important actions in this time as they are the creation of the Brand and Tourist Image of the municipality; the Tourist Routes and Packages, the promotional campaign €œSee and discovers Santa Mar­a de Gu­a and the Virtual Tour 360º.

Santa Mar­a de Gu­a is a destiny with an enormous potentiality, indicated the mayor, €œand must base the strategy of promotion of her extraordinary patrimonial, natural, ethnographic and tourist resources in the possibilities that offer the new technologies, for that reason the information that we offer of our City must attractive and constantly be updated€. It emphasized, also, that all these projects are bound to the invigoration of the economic activity of the municipality and to the maintenance and increase of direct and indirect jobs that are generated around this sector.

In identical sense the vice-president of the Town hall pronounced itself, Juan Dom­nguez, who emphasized the importance of this type of directed actions to put in value the resources of each municipality €œbecause he ties the sector of the commerce and tourism with the use creation€. Dom­nguez emphasized the increasing importance to have tools in the technological sector to be present in the world adequately and to be able to make profitable to the maximum the extraordinary potential that owns this earth, advancing the next call of new help from the area that directs for this type of action in the scope of the local development. In order to conclude, the island advisor emphasized the effort of the Town hall in supporting to the city councils at so delicate moments, happening of 120,000 Euros in help in 2011 to 840,000 Euros in the 2014.  

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