Expert in Fiscal Consultant's office

Expert in Fiscal Consultant's office

New portal Web pertaining to the Expert course €œin Fiscal Consultant's office€ of the ULPGC.

It does very just a short time, through a work meeting, I knew Luis Miguel. Then it seemed to me a very nice person and with very good ideas. It did not walk by evil way in my thought but I had left short since, in addition to a great person, she is a great expert professional in his matter (and in which little by little I was knowing). Congeniamos perfectly and we continued maintaining the contact.

The passage of time not only has caused that we work together in projects as this one but has given rise to forge what for me it is a great friendship.

The EXPERT IN FISCAL CONSULTANT'S OFFICE of the ULPGC is a course specialized in the Spanish, general Tributary System and of the Canary Islands, that are distributed in semiactual way and online.

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