Soundfree. Prototype and brand

Soundfree. Prototype and brand

I have had the luck to participate in the development of this small aparatito with which to be able to emit and to receive audio in almost any protocol.

UPDATE: She is one suffers but the project did not obtain the wished financing and was cancelled reason why its Web will not be accessible.

For already long time, in a very distant galaxy  that volvia not to retake the subject of 3d. That great program that one 3dStudio 4 for MS-DOS with that I began to make my pinitos and obtained, to a great extent, to increase to my fascination by the design and computer science.

There was a very good time in my life that did not do more than to think about the design 3d, and even gets to gain the cover of which another portal of specialistic on the subject€¦

But the life breaks through and I had to park a little that world to specialize me in other sectors as the publicity online. 

Them story this because it does very little I gave with a friend who is preparing a very interesting project and he requested support to me concerning design and promotion Web.

The project is based on a small aparatito with which to be able to emit and to receive audio through almost any protocol. The possibilities that it has are really very ample and, it is why we put hands to the work.

First it was to create a brand €œSoundfree€ and we realised all that with the corporative image. This it followed the creation of the Web and some manuals to him of use€¦

Once finished all this shed we put hands to the work with the creation of the prototype. It is there when I returned to take to him gusanillo to the design 3d. Luckily it did not cost to me to remember the use of all those tools with which it composed and we were able to do something I believe that quite elegant.

Good, I do not extend more. I leave them with some realised captures of the aparatito at issue. 

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