Joomla. Nonthanks!

Joomla. Nonthanks!

At the time of contracting to our project Web. Normally we are a little lost between hundreds of platforms. Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal€¦

At the time of contracting to our project Web. Normally we are a little lost between hundreds of platforms. That if some install a Wordpress to me, That if another they install a Joomla to me, another Drupal, others nor tell me that it is€¦ These platforms of free distribution, or what the same is gratuitous, are economic because they allow you to save time and therefore costs to the company developer. The thing has good dot, losses software, you install it and works to first€¦.

We already have the ready Web. After some months the things see of another way when the Web does not work as it would have, the client is angry because she does not know to manage it and we were in an impasse. How we have arrived at this situation? - some will think.

  • The design this good, but simple. Therefore, it is necessary to modify the design to the taste of the client. Now it guts software and it changes the structure or explains the client to him who is complicated and would have to limit himself to change to the logo and the bottoms or to install a prefabricated group.

    The designs based on joomla are groups which modify of a form very limited (they add the logo of the client, change some colors little and more). This design must adapt to the limitations that the system imposes to him and are little personalizables. In the developed Webs completely by hand the design is realised of customized form completely altogether with the programming and estrucura exclusively for the needs of the client reason why there is total freedom of development.
  • The functionalities by defect are sufficient, unless to somebody it has been happened to him that is a section that makes juggling. As he is something new, we have two options: to begin to develop a new functionality (it will be able to become? , we will break something? , how much we will take) or to lower plugin. We decide to lower plugin: one lowers, it installs and it works. Whenever the versions of software and plugin agree and the installation does not stick with others plugins. From now on pon to the client to update plugin each 2x3 since as you do not have it updated with the version of joomla it will be able to fail more than a fair gun.

    Functionality of joomla is based on plugins (created by the external users since it is of free distribution), this entails that if the client decides that its page realises, at some time, a specific function, must limit himself if plugin exists, in which case must be reconciled exactly to the functionality of this. We put an example, at some future date the client wants to add a specific field to a product€¦ if plugin of products does not have this functionality will not be able to be done (unless the crazy amount pays to reprogramme plugin completely). In the customized Webs, the technician, with total knowledge of the €œguts€ of the project develops any type of extra functionality of completely integrated form.
  • We load test content and when seeing it the client says: €“ €œhe is well, but I would like that she was of another way€. That is to say: he wants a change of structure. It does not pass anything, now already we controlled software, ready hand puts and.
  • The Web already is put on the rails, until somebody remembers that it must go in 3 languages. Glubs€¦ but, and now that we do? Options: to make facilities different from software by language (cutrez) or to lower plugin of translation. First we discarded it for obvious reasons, 3 completely different Webs, control of visits separately, to put the contents by triplicate. Or second, that causes that it stops working plugin for the new functionality that we lowered before€¦ we chose second, or we will fix plugin later, or the most recommendable no. would be to go to an agency of specialized translation to translate our texts to the language that we want having professional translators to secure this objective.
  • Accessibility. Sooner or later somebody was going to pronounce the magical word. For that reason we from the home chose the accessible version of software. Uff! We pass a test and it does not pass it. And that? Ah, clearly, to make the change of structure we used Ajax, Javascript, and some viewfinder flash. Plugin multing¼e does not leave accessible code either.
  • More problems: ipad, mobiles, tablets. This never finishes, we altered the code time and time again, at this point are many small errors in all the sections. Nothing burdens, that the client is seeing the Web and if she strains strains.
  • Difficult to administer. We raise the Web online and we are correcting the fallitos. We give access him to the client so that she only administers it Web and he calls to us saying that where must clicar to change an image. Ayyy! They always embroil€¦ First one enters here, soon there and later there, clicamos one and twice, tours to the right, give palms, beams a ready somersault and€¦! In 18 steps we have changed an image. It was not so difficult€¦

    To the being a preprogrammed system that tries to include possible existing functionalities most of, the administration of contents on the part of the client is coarse and little intuitive (Categories, sections, articles, modules, extensions, etc€¦) and is too many elements that the client does not know. In the customized projects the administration this completely programmed for each section of the Web reason why its management is incredibly intuitive and simple (ex to create the news the client makes click in the button of the news > create).
  • Urgent call: somebody has forced the site! As the code is public listillo has forced software and it is being used to send Spam or to lower virus. The Web is hung some days. How we fixed it? We can lower a version that finishes leaving solving some patches but then we will lose the changes that we did in the design, structures and functionalities.

    The being Joomla perfectly public code, the users know as he works and therefore they find security holes to which to enter to mount constant attacks, reason why is necessary to hope to that it leaves a version that patches the hole and to install it, which entails that some of plugins installed is not compatible. The customized projects are of private code reason why the users do not have knowledge of the €œguts€ of this and the attack possibilities are much smaller.
  • Llama the cabreado client, asking for when it will be the complete Web. The company developer has consumed 3 times more time of the budgeted one and what has surely it will be necessary to throw it to begin again. Everything has been a loss of time and money for both parts.

It seems something forced, but several very similar cases of companies are seen that have asked to us if we can €œfix€ the Web to them. Others have been more serious cases, in which almost it would be possible to be spoken of swindle. Some clients have had to pay twice by the same project, after throwing the Web in Joomla. To see to believe.

I understand that these tools are very well for users with some knowledge since much is not needed to realise the Web but nowadays very many companies exist that live on these platforms and what they do is to avoid all this type of problems and many more as goodly they can. 


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