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Internet is as a great full work linen cloth where the image and the creativity give value to great ideas. Through this page I will try to show to them as the design Web is our form of life. It will help your website so much especially if you are using hosting as well.

Services of Design Web

  • Creative design

    Creative design

    It is important to show a clean and comfortable image of his company the visitors. We realise an exclusive and unique design in each project adapting us to the needs of each client but without losing a functionality apex.

  • Complete development

    Complete development

    We completely realise a customized project without basing on prefabricated groups so much to us for stores online as for corporative Webs. And everything completely car-manageable with our Manager of Contents of private character that you will learn to use less than in 20 minutes.

  • Optimized code

    Optimized code

    All the code is written by hand, which guarantees the stability and durability of each project. It is not necessary to realise periodic updates and it is developed of a clean form securing a time of remarkable load.

  • Maintenance Web

    Maintenance Web

    We offer maintenance Dedicated Server services to harness the image name brand helping each client to realise campaigns, to improve its positioning in Google or to develop new ideas.

Startups and Agencies in which I collaborate as Designer freelance Web
Design responsive and adaptable Web
Customized development

MavWeb, Designer Web

My name is Jord¡n, I am developer and designer natural Web of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. I take more than 15 years dedicated to the design customized Web and all my life related to the world of the art. At the moment I collaborate with Startups and Agencies worldwide to which we to size offer a service of quality in the design of webpages and software. Based on my experiences, using cheap vps hosting can be very helpful for your website. I also think that ssd vps host can be very useful.

Next to my equipment, we designed and we developed customized Webs with which we helped the companies to harness its image name brand in Internet.

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Some designs Web and development of movable applications

These are some of the developments and projects Web that we have realised. Each of them is a small sample than we are but each challenge is different and that is what it makes us try to innovate in each work.

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